3-Day Acne Prone Skin Challenge

I finally had the time to shop for some new skincare regimens today and I tried some of these products I got from Watsons. So, when I got home I just decided to try these on my skin and see the improvements in just 3 days. Since I have a very sensitive skin and I am really prone to acne and breakouts, I usually don’t last myself on a single bottle of product that doesn’t compliment my skin because it just worsens my pimples day after day.

I spent around P800 with these products and that’s quite pricey it worries me especially I am still not sure about how these products work for me, my money could go to waste. But to see to is to believe so I must take the risk!

First thing I got is this PanOxyl Soap Free Cleanser.

This product is never new to my hearing senses because I’ve been seeing this on some blogs and articles claiming that this is the best for acne skin. I’ve been looking for this everytime I go to the drugstore and department store but it’s really hideous and uncommon. Good thing I had a glimpse of this at Watsons and although it was a bit pricey for a very small bottle I took the risk to give it a try to see if it really stands for its claims. I use this twice a day (morning and evening). It feels smooth after rinsed and doesn’t smell strong.

Second is this moisturizer from Clean&Clear.

I know to myself that I am not really satisfied with this brand. I’ve been using their face powder and facial wash years ago already but it doesn’t just work for me. I don’t know why I took this back again but I love how it doesn’t feel sticky on my face.

Third is this facial cleanser from Eskinol.

I’ve been using a lot for almost 3 years and honestly helped me on acne and pimple problems. But after I got the best results on my skin I stopped using it so the outcome? My pimples got back again… Now I am eagered to try it’s magical powers back and see if it really works for me still.

Fourth is this Charcoal Detox Mask from Pretty Secret.

I am honestly not into facial masks so out of my entire curiosity, I really thought this one is that facial pack of black mask that sticks to the face for about 15minutes. Haha poor me! But I still tried it on and good thing I didn’t purchase a lot of it. It feels good after getting it off.

Fifth thing I got are these Vitamin C Facial Masks from Watsons.

I had a try on including facial masks on my skincare routine but for a lazy person like me, I tend to forget putting them on and sometimes I feel like don’t want to get hassled. Bu the tfirst impression about this product: hydrating and lightweight!

Sixth is this foam cleanser from Cathy Doll.

I only used it twice and then switched to PanOxyl since I noticed that I am getting tiny zits on my forehead the day after. Sad.

Seveenth and last is this QuickFX Pimple Eraser.

Anything that has “pimple” and “acne” on it it always catches my attention! I’ve been seeing this product a lot on beauty bloggers recommending this product so why not try it as well?

Results: After 3 days of using these products, I must say it didn’t work that much for me. Instead, I grew a lot of pimple zits on my lip and forehead area, as well as on my cheeks. So sad it doesn’t worth my money at all but still it’s a good thing to try these products too to estimate them with some of my future picks.

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