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A Week Without Coffee: I Survived!

I just realized that it’s already been a week since I stopped drinking coffee for a while to lessen my pimples and let it heal for some time. I had a lot of research and advice from the internet and personally from my loved ones who told me to cut-off my coffee intake if I really wanted to achieve an acne-free skin.

In my week of getting rid of coffee, it has been also a week of me getting weak and not that energized on work. Coffee is my happy pill and I never manage to skip a cup once a day. Now that I stopped taking it, my body and immune system longs for that sip of delicious hot coffee in the morning after having my breakfast. Temptations are everywhere around me; officemates sipping their brewed coffees from morning to afternoon and people having grandes of latté and americano on various coffee shops. It really breaks my caffeinated heart, really.

But on the brighter side, I actually saw an improvement on my pimples. It started to scar and I don’t have lots of big bumps on my forehead and cheeks, though there are tiny zits and redness, I just disregard it since I can still manage to conceal it with a foundation.

And speaking of foundation, since I already claim to myself that I am starting to recover from my severe acne battle, I also started applying makeup again but I don’t overdo it to prevent my skin from clogging from lots of chemicals I damp and put on my face. I only use a hypoallergenic moisturizer and a hydrating foundation.

(left) Celeteque Dermoscience+ Facial Moisturizer  (right) Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation

And for my facial wash I use this one from Himalaya Herbals.

FREE from Parabens, SLS/SLES & Phthalates (overusing these chemicals may led over to possible carcinogenicity and estrogenic effects: parabens as preservatives)

Quick review about the products:

Celeteque – I also mentioned how I love this product on my previous blog since I’ve been using a lot of moisturizers that claims to be hypoallergenic but this is the only one that stands for it. I have a normal to oily skin so I like my moisturizer to be gel in consistency because when it comes to creams, it turns flaky and greasy on my skin.

Maybelline – Have I said this also before? This is one of my 3 liquidy/gel-whipped foundation that I have that I really loved the most since it’s easy to blend on my skin and it has a natural afterlook. It also makes my skin glowy after a whole day of wearing it at work. Not my intent to look glowy but guys I swear that glow is just me sweating a lot! LOL!

Himalaya Herbals – I started getting rid of harsh chemicals since my acne are growing a lot. I switched my routine into herbals and tried several products but since I bumped into this one, I finally added it on my skincare routine. It’s gentle to the face, doesn’t sting the eyes and most of all paraben-free.

Though I don’t want to base my overall and final results on my acne journey for just 1 week only but I am happy that I slowly recover from it and saw visible improvements. I stopped getting really curious about skincare products I found on the internet and quit switching from brands to brands, and also I look forward to visit my skin clinic every three-four weeks to get myself a facial and cleansing treatment.

My battle on acne is also a battle between me and the love of my life: coffee. It’s hard to skip and change my daily routine from varieties of flavored coffee into a plain glass of water. But no pain, no gain. Gotta sacrifice this for a while and once I am fully recovered, I am definitely back to being a coffee-rager. Wish me luck on my journey! 🙂


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