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Alcoy Tingko Beach

I grew up in Alcoy, Cebu, a small town located in the Southeastern part of Cebu (92kms from Cebu City) which is famous for the Siloy Festival (Black Shama found in the biggest rainforest in Cebu) and with its renowned tourist beach spot located in Daanlungsod, Cebu called Tingko Beach Resort.

People visit this place by flocks, either families or friends to chill, eat, do picnics, gatherings, reunions and stroll around for the first time. Me as a local resident, I often go here alone because you might feel awkward and loner if you do! We come here almost once a year or twice with all of my high school classmates for our annual reunions.


To get here (from Cebu City) you have to ride a bus heading South. It costs you P105 for Student Discounts on an airconditioned bus & P92 for ordinary one. You can request to be dropped specifically in Daanlungsod, Alcoy. Drivers know that place enough because there are local tourists coming from Cebu City who came to visit there. The place is quite crowded yet it’s easy access and recognizable because the people around are hospitable enough to guide your way to the beach.

When you are already at the Tingko Beach, you could see lots of people anywhere relaxing, getting together and just having a casual lay down on the sand. This beach never gets emptied.

If you want to conquer the middle of the sea, Alcoy Tingko Beach also offers sail boats too which takes you to the part of the beach in which the sand is visible and can be stepped upon whenever its low tide.

Riding a “bangka” for P50/person you already have an half-hour for you to dive in and swim.

The water is clear and all “bangka” provide life vests and goggles for you to use if you are brave enough to dive in so peeps, worry no more!

Tingko is known for its white refined sand.

And crystal clear water.

You can place your tents and go for an overnight stay at the beach’ sand if you’d like to. The place is absolutely free and open for everyone. BUT! Mind you, if you are having thoughts of coming here, incase you bumped into a stranger collecting fees for your tents, picnic mats and things you’ve brought with you, never ever entertain them. Those are just bogus people taking advantage to some tourists & visitors who have no idea on the rules implented in the beach. There are no charges for your stay there, everything is penny-free.

I am looking forward to spend another year here with my friends this coming December or January for our next reunion. Cebuanos should never miss this “Little Boracay” in Alcoy. You guys should not worry about entrance fees too because this wonderful spot here is free for the public. Bring your squad and have fun. Sembreak is here already too – holidays fast approaching as well. So might as well, start planning your vacays and destinations and include this on your list.



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