Room Full of Art: Bintana Coffee House

My desire to have a slice of a delightful cheesecake led me and Chad to this hidden gem located in Kamputhaw, Cebu City – the Bintana Coffee House. We walked like 15 minutes from my workplace until we reached there. I really thought we were lost in this coffee shop, it was really unrecognizable and it is located inside this dim and quiet village. When we finally saw the café, we were honestly having thoughts if is it really it? Like the café looked like just an ordinary apartment outside.

When we got inside, I am amazed how small the area is but the walls are full of paintings.

It was also quiet and not really crowded. Perfect! This is what I came for!

We ordered their Spicy Chicken meal which already comes with rice and drink as well as the Burger Steak meal, and ofcourse, the Blueberry Cheesecake for the dessert.

It took like 10 minutes to fully serve all our meal. Not bad at all for the waiting time  since I enjoyed myself looking around the paintings.



Whoah! I am surprised that their Spicy Chicken were all wings. I also love that its spiciness is not too much, just enough for me to enjoy the spicy flavor while eating.

Spicy Chicken Meal – P130

Well, expectedly, Chad had the Burger Steak. I am also aware that he will liked it with no doubts at all as long as it’s a burger steak.

Burger Steak Meal – P110

And last but not the least, the Blueberry Cheesecake. I liked its sweetness and the cute blueberries on top of it. Both of us enjoyed it.

Blueberry Cheesecake – P130


The interior is just really simple and cozy. Proper ventilation and rustic wooden chairs and tables. They also have available seats on the outside. Though the overall place is small (I could describe it as a vacant area of a house turned into a café which is really a great idea). And most of all the paintings hanging on all sides of the walls are mesmerizing and amazing to look at. This place is ideal for paper works and studying since it’s quiet and sort of dim as well.


Since it took a little too long for the orders to get served, I thought that they have this ”’made-to-order” concept on their menu especially the cheesecake because it really took like 30 minutes for them to serve it (we already finished our meal) and yet it wasn’t still served so I had to call out one of the staffs because she might forget that order on the other hand. But they seem to have nice staffs, it’s just only the serving time.

Check out the rest of Bintana Coffee House menu below.

Visit Bintana Coffee House at Elizabeth Pond St., Cebu City or check out their Facebook and Instagram page for more details.

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Address: 181-K Elizabeth Pond Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City

Opening Hours: Today  10AM to 10PM

Phone Number: 032 4161335


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