Café Invasion: Bo’s Coffee

I felt like not eating too much dinner for tonight so I decided to drop by at Bo’s Coffee just located at Raintree Mall right behind my workplace. I also have to wait for Chad until 8pm for his class dismissal.

The moment I came inside, the staff cheerfully greeted me and that gives me hype that time since I am really tired from work and doing extras at the office (we did some Christmas decors and stuffs) and I felt like just sitting and not stressing over myself while eating so this is a great place I guess.

I ordered their Cafe Mocha Espresso paired with Three Cheese Sandwich.

Bo's coffee

bos coffee

I really love the softness and the cheesy filling of the sandwich, the bread is crunchy. What I also love about the sandwich is it doesn’t shattered down when sliced just like any other sandwiches I had.

The place is not crowded that time so I chilled out for about an hour inside. Not to mention I had to switch seat because the aircondition is too cold! The music is very 60’s. Ambiance is a bit rustic, more of darker shades in almost all of their furnitures. Really cozy and wide enough place including other seats in the outside.

Bo’s Coffee is now part of my coffee shop go-to and chill out place.

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