Café Invasion: Brown Cup

I had a chance to conquer another coffee shop today since I have to wait an hour for Chad until his class dismissal so I went through this Brown Cup Café located in St. Patrick Square, Kamputhaw, Cebu City.

Brown cup

I ordered their Iced Cafe Mocha (Tall).

And oh I thought it was that tall, actually! Haha! Nevermind.

My thoughts about their coffee: I could really taste the cocoa powder from the bottom of the cup and the rest of the coffee tastes just like an average espresso.

Talking about the ambiance: The place is a bit dim which is ideal for coffee shops and peaceful chill-out. When I get there the place was a bit full-packed inside but I, fortunately, saw an empty table so I stayed there waiting for my coffee to get served. An hour later, the jam-packed place began to get empty since it was already almost 8 pm *now this is my favorite part of coffee shops; quiet and not crowded* and that was the time Chad got there to see me.

Hugs & kisses,

Leslie ❤️

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