Casual Yet Splendid Makeup Look

I must admit that I am not really a professional when it comes to makeup but I do really have the passion and interest with it. I learned doing makeups from my favorite Youtube bloggers to random makeup snippets to aspired and professional artists. Not to mention how makeup artists do my own makeup when I joined pageants and beauty contests way back when I was in highschool.

Here I came up with a simple yet glammed makeup look. I’m gonna show you the products that I’ve used and later on the final look that I came with.

First, prepare your pores by using a Primer. I always use my Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser to prime my face.

And after that I draw my brows using my Maybelline Fashion Brow.

And my brow essential brushes from Features & Shades and Everbilena.

When I am all done I tame and finish my brow look with my Nichido Clear Brow Gel.

For my foundation, this time I use my Maybelline Dream Velvet Liquid Foundation in the shade of Sandy Beige. It blends well to my complexion and at the same time it’s lightweight to my face.

I blend my foundation using Kabuki Foundation Brush.


Moving on to my lashes, I use my Maybelline Hypercurl VolumExpress Mascara and glide the spooley into the bottom and lower lashes area.

And I then grabbed my false lashes and stick some adhesive glue with both of it and waited 30 seconds to let them dry first.

And with it’s done I carefully stick them to both of my eyelashes. And curl them using my Nichido Eyelash Curler just to define the strands.

Next is my eyeshadow. I have here my Profusion Eyeshadow Set. It comes with 39 eyeshadow shades and 3 blush ons.

I use these eyebrushes to control and blend the shades on my eyes perfectly and smoothly.

And for my wing eyeliner I use my Minigood Matte Eyeliner.

And then add some touch of contour to my cheek, jaws and forehead; noseline as well, I use my Detail Makeover Contour and Highlight Set.

The set already comes with 2 contour shades, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter and 2 blushers.

The contour guys are just really pigmented so less goes a long way! I use the darker shade for my noseline and I mix both of the shades for contouring my face. I use the lighter shade of blush or mix the both of them sometimes if I like to.

I just got my new set of kabuki brush from an online shop I found at Carousell. Since it’s my first time to use this routine I still practice on what brushes to use on the specific area of the face and in the eyes.

Once I’m done with the contours I set everything using my Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow.

And finish my look with a touch of Matte Lipstick from Maybelline (Touch of Nude).

And VOILAAAA! My finished look…


PS: I am still working on my eyeshadow skills so apologies for making it not-so-perfect!

Comment your thoughts lovelies!! ❤️

xoxo 💕

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