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Getting Moisturized & Sun-Protected with Celeteque Dermoscience+

I already mentioned like every time what moisturizer I am currently using from Celeteque Dermoscience+ but recently I ran out of it and I couln’t find any when I went to a department store and so I got their other type of moisturizer which is the Celeteque Dermoscience+ Sun Care Facial Moisturizer with SPF15. My previous moisturizer has no SPF in it but it totally hydrates my face the whole day so I didn’t experience any cons about that product except that my forehead’s skintone is already blemished and uneven.

Celeteque moisturizer


• I love that Celeteque’s moisturizers come in tubes that’s why it’s very handy.

• It really smells good! My previous Celeteque moisturizer is fragrance-free so I didn’t get used to this as of now.

• I also love how it has SPF15 because I am sometimes get exposed under the sun with harmful UV rays. That’s a big NO, yeah?

• I am a bit worried that it might not blend well with my foundation as soon as I am going to use it since I really prefer gel-type moisturizers for my combination skin and this one comes in a liquidy creamy kind. I just hope it doesn’t appear greasy.

I bought this one for P150 at Robinson’s Department Store.

Updates will be posted below as how it turns out with my skin. I am currently off-duty writing this so I might wear this on Monday at work. 🙂


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