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Chad’s Day-out (New Shoes + Driver’s License)

It is a wonderful day for Chad, finally his Driver’s License is out (though it was still for Students, he still needs to wait for another month for filing the non-professional). He went to Carcar in the morning and he got his temporary license in the afternoon so he decided to travel to the city to see his parents and decided to treat himself again with a new pair of shoe.

We decided to go to Metro Ayala for his choice of sneakers. He fitted many but he doesn’t quite like the size and look of the shoes so we then proceeded into the Converse boutique.

I was the one who picked almost everything I want him to fit and try. I saw this navy blue sneakers and I’m inlove with it and I let him try it in and good thing it fitted!

drivers license

I’m really into deep and navy blue colors so when I saw it I just actually get hyped right away! Glad he likes my choice too, though he also told me it all matters on you, if you like it then I like too. Uhhhhh.

I let him see himself on the mirror and let him walk around if it really fits perfectly.

And when he’s finally good with it we headed to the cashier.

I am very excited to see him wear this soon. He looks adorable and attractive. So happy he finally got his new sneakers after 3 years. He is such a hoarder and a thrift. He liked his shoes to be ripped off and get ragged before purchasing a new one.

We felt the same hunger after that so we headed to The Terraces to look for our dining spot. We ended at Chikaan Cebu (see my next blog for my review and experience here or just click the link) and spent a long time and pig out after a long walk and exhausting day.

What do you guys think of his new shoes? Does it suits him or I should have picked another color rather than blue? Comment your thoughts below.


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