Resto Takeover: Chikaan Cebu

After an exhausting day yet fun together with Chad we treated ourselves some lutong-bahay comfort foods and we ended up here at Chikaan Cebu.

The place was noisy and crowded but nevermind we just seated at the right corner since the seats on the middle part are reserved and taken.

When are already seated we are handed with the menu book. I chose Baked Scallops for my appetizer and Grilled Pork Belly for main course. Chad had Dinuguan and Chicken BBQ. For our refreshments we have the bottomless Lemonade and to mention the rice is also bottomless!

It took almost half an hour to serve everything we ordered and the drinks were served realllly late… to think we are both thirsty.

When all the food were already served we started eating.

• The Baked Scallops is pretty creamy and soft. It melts in my mouth. I let Chad have a bite but sorry he is not really into seafoods. He can’t appreciate these delightful sea creature delicacies. Rate – 3.5/5

• Dinuguan just tastes like the traditional ones in our town fiesta or lutong-bahay. We both liked it alot. Rate – 4/5

• It took me some time to cut the Grilled Pork Belly, it feels a lil bit hard yet it tastes good though. Rate: 3/5

• They say Filipino cuisine is never complete without a sauce so this what makes it a finishing touch to the Chicken BBQ. It’s tender yet the skin is a little bit burnt. 3/5

Now let’s talk about the service. It was reallt terrible! Never coming back again here I guess. I thought they just have these 3 staffs who serve the foods and at the same time the ones who clean and pick-up dishes. The manager is busy as hell too! I can’t even talk to them when we wanted some refills.

Time is gold but I think it’s not applicable in this resto. The time we seated we were told to wait 20mins for the food yet we waited almost 20 minutes for the 2 orders served and another 20 minutes for the grilled. And another 5 minutes for the lemonade!

When our glasses are already empty we asked for refills and the first staff we called out said “Yes” and then headed back and forth to the takeout area (where they wrap up the foods for takeout) and it’s been 10 minutes and we are already striving on thirst still no one accommodated us. I understand they were all busy but they should also pay attention on the other diners out there. Seems like they are just focused on the big bunch of customers seated on the outside and middle areas.

It took almost 20 minutes for our drinks to get refilled after calling out the manager. Such a terrible manager I ever saw that time. Frowny and puts the glasses on the table erroneously! Gosh! I lose my appetite for their poor service and time management!

It was honestly a not-so-good experience here at Chikaan sa Cebu although the food is great but overall the staffs and serving time needs to be improved.

We headed home after the dineout and good thing we were not caught by the traffic along the road.

Have you been to any Chikaan sa Cebu branches? How was your experience and what’s the best delicacy you’ve had? Share it down below! 😉Chikaan sa Cebu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Third Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday (10 AM – 11 PM)


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