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My Christmas Wishlist 2017

So recently I found a blog that I’ve been reading for a while and she was having this list of her Christmas Wishlist and I thought of making mine as well since I also have some stuff that I’ve been craving so much but can’t afford to buy them.

First on my list is high waist jeans. I’ve been wearing high waist for a couple of months already and I must say it really feels comfortable and at the same time trendy and chic. I could pair any of my tops with this kind of jeans. But unfortunately, I only had 2 jeans at home and I just wear the same jeans twice or thrice a week. Haha! As long as it doesn’t smell bad or it doesn’t get dirty, I could still wear them without doubts. Hopefully, I could get one of this stuff for Christmas. *crosses fingers*

Second is a pair of ankle boots. I’ve been seeing lots of Pinterest and Instagram photos wearing a very casual and simple outfit paired with boots and it’s very edgy to me. I feel like it’s really on trend and it’s not hassle in all cases. I’ve been looking lots of boots online but it breaks my heart they cost thrice more than my budget. Wish I could get a pair of this wonderful boots. I really prefer black or brown suede for this stuff.

Third is a coffee maker. I know it’s really not necessary for me to buy this stuff but as a coffee lover myself, I’d love to take my coffee addiction to the next level with some coffee equipment and I would love to make my own version too since I am drinking instant coffee from sachets and brewed ones from variety of coffee shop I’ve been to. Though I couldn’t use it every day on my office days, this will be a great Christmas gift as a caffeine rager like me.

Fourth and last on my list is a laptop. I’ve been browsing lots of laptop brands online and I couldn’t find the best ones that fit my budget. I’ve been looking for the best specifications and features too just to fit it perfectly with my purpose for everyday use. Though this stuff is impossible for a Christmas gift I’d still include this one since I’ve been holding on for this thing ever I just wanna cry my heart out. 🙁

Are you ready to receive your Christmas gifts? Happy Holidays everyone!! ❤️🎄


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