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Crown Regency Hotel & Towers: Delightful Dineout and Citylights View

Today is a no rehearsals day for Miss Delonix 2018 yet we were treated for a dineout at Wang Shan Lo (Level 20, Tower 2, Crown Regency Hotels & Tower), a Chinese restaurant offering sumptuos buffet prepared by a Hongkong chef.


After the eating and random talks with the boss and his wife, we proceeded outside facing the glimmering city lights of Cebu.

A lady in red…

Right after the photoshoot (pictures are uploaded via Delonix Facebook page), we then again went to the Blacklight Mini Golf wherein the floor is glowing in the dark.

The room is spacious and is underwater themed. Lots of cute wall arts and stuffs everywhere!

A mermaid trapped inside a pig’s body.

And ofcourse a picture at the top of the sank ship. Where’s my Jack? Oh, Chad is right there. 😀

T’was indeed a wonderful experience swimmin with le’ mermaids <3

After that we have to say byebye because it’s almost late in the evening and we have to get home safe.

We went outside the hotel around 9 pm heading back to the office to get our things and switch footwears (it’s definitely a horrible struggle wearing a 6 inch heels walking around) but it’s such a delightful night spent together with the girls and the boss! 🙂


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