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Friday Night Pamper: Earthlife Wellness Spa

It’s Friday finally and guess who just thought of bringing someone with her for a therapeutic massage? Welp! I asked my sister to go with me to a random massage spa near my workplace and she had no hesitations and said yes so that’s the time I looked for the best massage spa (and when I say best, it’s not just the best but it should also be pocket-friendly, yeah know?) and I found this one just located inside Skyblue Hotel, 2nd Floor: the Earthlife Wellness Spa.earthlife wellness spa

We got inside the place and the very first time you stepped in, you could really feel the nature’s vibe and peacefulness. The place is expectedly dim from the counter’s side and completely dark when you are already inside the massage area.

This fountain figure also caught my attention while roaming my eyes around the place since the place is completely quiet, the overflowing water that comes from it is the only thing I heard aside from the piano music played on the background.

earthlife spa

We were accommodated by the attendant. Since it’s both our first time in a massage spa, we were curious enough about the differences and how each services are done. We would like our massage session to get focused on the back and foot area so they offered us the “Swedish Massage” which costs P250/hour. We agreed to have it 30 minutes each for the foot and back part.

After paying out, we were asked to take off our footwear and had our foot soaked in a lukewarm water for seconds and wiped right after and we then proceeded to the massage area.

earthlife spa
Sorry for the blurriness. It’s too dark inside and it’s hard to focus with a subject, and my sister doesn’t really know how to, sooo.
earthlife spa
When you captured her perfectly and what you’ve got in return was a blurred one. Nice!

When we got inside, the staffs told us to take off our clothing and wear the shorts they provided. When the session started, I was asked to lay back down to have my back massaged and started putting the massage oil to easily work her hands on me. It was really good and relaxing I could even hear my bones cracked since I’ve been really having muscle pains in my back for slouching a lot at work. Pfft. And it was legit relieving! It takes 30 minutes for them to massage my back and then switch to my foot. I really appreciate how their sheets smell good.

After 30 minutes, the staff massaged my foot and I am very much excited to have it done since I really have this weird cramping in my ankle joints, I don’t know maybe because me sitting inside the jeepney for an hour with just the same posture (blame traffic) or me just wearing my footwear uncomfortably. It was really satisfying, feels like heaven to me.

I didn’t even notice that 1 hour was done already that I just noticed the staff asked me if I am alright and told me it’s done. She then offered us for a cup of tea while sitting back after the session. It was a very great decision to be here really. I was refreshed!

Minutes after, our tea arrived and a piece of warm soaked towel.

The tea was very good! I honestly had a traumatic food experience with green teas or any kind of natural tea before after having myself a bottle of C2 Green Tea.

The heck! I thought it tastes like lemon-y but dude, it tastes bitter! I gave it to my friends and asked them to give it a try and right after they spit it out! Lol! We so stupid.

Back to the topic.

Right after having our tea we then take on our clothes back since we are feeling hungry already.


  • The ambiance really feels like you’re lying in the middle of the woods. The flowing water adds an effect to the vibes as well as the calm background music.
  • You are asked if the pressure of the massage was too hard or too soft so the staff could adjust to their hands’ control and also with your comfort.
  • I appreciate how the place smells good the moment you enter. I don’t know how to describe it but my term is it’s “menthol-like and mint-y”. Very relaxing. Also, their sheets smell nice.

Do you recommend Earthlife Wellness Spa?

— Yes! Their services are affordable starting from P200 up. They also have combo packages and lots of other deals to choose from.

earthlife spa

Address: 2/F Skyblue Hotel, General Maxilom Ave, Cebu City, Cebu
Hours: 11AM-2AM
Phone: (032) 511 7141

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