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On Top of the World: Eli Rock

It was a cozy afternoon for me and I was just sleeping when Chad randomly went to our house and told me we are going somewhere. I wasn’t informed earlier about this truancy so expectedly I haven’t go to the shower or groomed myself that time so I told them to wait for me for a bit so I could get myself ready.

Minutes later, I went inside the car and there’s three of my friends already and Chad with me in the front seat. We are about to recruit some other friends to go with us to Dalaguete to get ourselves halo-halo and fries.
When we were already complete, we finally went at Dalaguete and grabbed some snacks and had a little chitchat.

After that, we decided to go to Boljoon to see the Eli Rock.
It took almost half an hour driving from Dalaguete to Boljoon. When we were finally there, we are lucky enough to own the place for pictures since there were no other people around except us.

We then began to climb the stairs. It’s a bit long way before reaching the end so you could see the whole view of the sea from the top. But as we were climbing halfway through, we already took some photos since the scenery was already picture-perfect.

And we were finally on the top of Eli Rock!!

We took a 10-minute rest and appreciated the wonderful view of the skies that meet the sea.Eli Rock

Afterwards, we already decided to go home since it’s getting dark already.

Afterall, it was all worth it!

Eli rock


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