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Thrift Shopping: Fabulosa de Fashion

Later this afternoon me and Ate Gonie went to this infamous thrift shop which sells “ukay-ukay” for a very very low price and take note, these are not just ordinary surplus, they totally have lots of good finds and all are still in good condition and latest on the trend.

I found lots of stuffs from the shorts to the tops to the dresses to their jeans and pants. All of these are already on sale for only P150!

I picked my favorite first impressions as many as I can for me to fit later on. And I guess the basket is small enough to fit all of the clothes I chose so I decided to try on everything I got since I already went all over the stalls and corners of the shop and these are my top picks that I would love to try in.

I am already at the fitting room and these are just some of the clothes that caught my eye.

*each of these costs P150; very reasonable price for a such still good quality clothes*

I spent almost 2 hours hoarding the shop and I never felt any uncomfortable feeling like it’s hot inside for the place is very well ventilated and what makes it more unique to any other thrift shops is all of the stuffs are already hanged so customers don’t need to go over and dig out on such big mountains of clothings. Everything is very easy to check at. Staffs are also roaming around to assist. CCTV’s are also present inside the shop which makes you feel safe the whole time. And most of all lots of choices to choose from. You never need to worry for the price, everything you choose only costs you P35 – P150.

Glad I found this shop! I will definitely get back here again and again! So far the best thrift shop I’ve been to. Less sweat, worry-free shopping and safe drop in! Recommended to all on-budget fashionistas out there.

PS: This branch is located in Piazza Elezia here in Talamban, Cebu.

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    • leslie

      True!! Sa kadaghan kapilian maglibog ka unsay itake home kay di na kaya sa budget! But it’s all worth it. Seen alot of branded and still in good condition tops and skirts. 🙂

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