Food Crawl: Gerry’s Grill & Restaurant

I went to Ayala alone to meet someone and after the meet-up, I was feeling the urge and totally craving for green mango with bagoong and so I searched for restaurants at Ayala that offers it and came up with Gerry’s Grill.

After waiting for Chad for about an hour we decided to go inside at Gerry’s Grill eventhough he is hesitant because of the heavy crowd dining in. But the attendant is polite enough to look for a vacant table and assisted us.

We finally got our seat so we ordered our meal. I got Calamares and Green Mango with Bagoong while Chad picked the Inihaw na Liempo. Our orders were both paired with Garlic Rice and bottomless iced tea.



Gerry’s grill
Calamares (P205.00)

It’s so soft in the inside at the same time the coating is crispy. I can taste its creaminess and butteriness especially when dipped into their side-dip mayonaise.

Gerry’s grill
Inihaw na Liempo (P215.00)

I personally love their liempo. It’s tender and juicy and cooked just right. It’s also much better when paired with their special soy sauce.

Gerry’s grill
Garlic Rice (P43.00)

I personally got obsessed on garlic rice this past few months and when I found out Gerry’s Grill has it I didn’t hesitate to order. It’s a garlic rice leveled up which differs from my normal expectation from Mcdonald’s. It does have real bits of garlic on top which really adds aroma and taste to the rice.

Gerry’s grill
Green Mango with Bagoong (P120.00)

My face literally screwed up eating this appetizer. And am I wrong if I ate this after the main course? Lol. Seriously, the mango is honestly sour and that’s the very good thing that it’s paired with a not-so-salty anchovies or “bagoong”. I had a me-time on this dish since Chad is not allowed to have shrimp or seafood-related food.

Bottomless Iced Tea (P80.00)

Who wouldn’t get hyped about unlimited drinks?! This one’s a plus on a heavy meal – bottomless and refreshing iced tea!


• It’s a 10/10 service. The best! From the moment you get in, you will be assisted by a staff that introduces her/himself and introduced again to other staff who’s gonna be the one to serve your orders and youother concerns.

• They give justice to their serving time expectations. They told us to wait for 25 minutes and glad they made it within that time. The only thing I didn’t like is they took a long time serving our iced tea when I liked it to be served first so we can have some sip while waiting for the orders to be done.

• They have polite, cheerful, organized, and neat staffs. That’s another plus on my dining experience. They’re all very attentive. Kodus!

• They also let us sign this comment card to rate our dining experience and how was their service meant to us.

• Their manager approached us the moment we’re done eating and asked for a final feedback about how the food and service goes. Overall it was perfect!


• The place is really crowded with flock of people who dine in with family and friends and loved ones. Expected that the place will really be a bit noisy.

• The ventilation is quite good. The aircondition is fair enough to cool the whole environment.

• The place’ interior is a bit rustic and glossy. I love how it’s neat and minimal as well as the cozy seats located on each corners of the restaurant.

Overall, it was a great experience! From the food, staff and customer service, they were all professional and approachable and the food all taste perfect and satisfying.

I would love to recommend Gerry’s Grill for those foodies out there who love Filipino cuisine. They have lots of choices to choose from and their dishes are affordable and they already gave justice on how it tastes. Decadent!

Gerry’s grill


Address: 2nd Floor, Ayala Terraces, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM

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  • Nancy

    The food from Gerry’s Grill and Restuarant looks delicious! I love it when calamari is crispy on the outside but soft on the inside! These chefs know what they’re doing. The liempo is making me hungry! I never had garlic rice before, but it looks delish! Glad you enjoyed your time there, and it’s always a plus when the service is on par!

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