Let’s Get Messy: Hendy’s Diner

After a tiring day infront of the camera for our graduation pictorial, me and Chad both headed home early since we arrived on time at the studio and finished right in the morning. We both didn’t have our breakfast and lunch after arriving home so we just decided to order our food online. Foodpanda has been the largest online delivery chain throughout the Philippines, so without any doubt, we ordered our preferrable lunch and breakfast for the day. We looked for the best meal nearby and came up with Hendy’s Diner.

It was my first time ordering a successful meal arrived on my doorstep by Foodpanda since they always had my orders cancelled after waiting for an hour. Pfft. And also it was my first time ordering at Hendy’s Diner. I never heard of this restaurant before but their menu looks delectable you can’t resist so we gave it a shot.

We ordered their Smoked Burger and Kickin’ Chicken Burger. Chad is really eager to try these massive burgers since between the two of us, he is the one who is really on into this.

The food arrived after over an hour and what we ideally saw on the picture totally meet our expectation. The burgers look pretty and oh, it’s really massive! It’s gonna be a messy lunch for both of us!

Hendy's diner
Kickin’ Chicken Burger
Hendy’s diner
Smoked Burger


• I was not really expecting for this to look big in reality because I am not really a believer of commercial posters with their products massive on the photos but opposite in actual. And these burgers? Hah! They’re bigger than my palms.

Look how happy he is with his burger.
Contemplating how do I eat this without getting messy.

• Me and Chad switched the half of our burgers to try both of it alternatively.

* Our thoughts about the Kickin’ Chicken Burger: We love how its chicken is the main character of the dish and it was actually given the biggest highlight. The chicken is seasoned well, soft and cooked just right where it meets our expectations. I also noticed that every time you take a bite, the fillings burst out on the sides of the burger which really drives you crazy and messy! Better get your tissues with you.Hendy's diner

* Our thoughts about the Smoked Burger: The beef is point and at the same time luscious to the mouth. You can really feel the tenderness inside and outside. I love how it also has green textures and the dressing is delectable. Melts in your mouth, really. And plus, I wouldn’t let the bacon to no  get some appreciation. It really tastes extraordinary!

Hendy's diner

• This is gonna get messy so behold for it! But above all, the more you get messy, the more you get thrilled eating. Rawr!

hendy's diner
Look at that overflowing dressings and coleslaw! Ugh!

• Guaranteed your satisfaction on food is present. And most of all, what you see is what you get. The prices gave justice to how the food tastes great!

I will surely recommend Hendy’s Diner to all burger enthusiasts and massive eaters right there.

You should never miss the rest of their delicious and mouthwatering menus too:

You can reach them by their Facebook Fan Page:

Hendy’s Diner

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07:00am to 07:00pm

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