How I Do My Eyebrows

I know I’ve mentioned this thing already on my previous blog, which I don’t really like to left the house with my naked, shaggy and patchy brows. I already have grown several hair strands on my brows but it’s not really that thick which still looks tiny from far apart.

I do my brows as part of my morning routine for work. I don’t overdo it if it’s just a normal day but in this short and simple tutorial I did, I am doing the casual brow look that I always do when I purposely take pictures for my social media or either I will be attending a special event.

The very first thing I do is to brush the hair on my brows to properly lock them on place and tame the uneven strands to make it easier for me to fill them up later.

Since I already brushed my brows’ hair and it looks perfectly shaped, I am starting off by drawing the ideal arch I wanted to achieve. I usually start drawing from the middle of my brow up to my brow bone where the arch ends. We don’t want to make our brows look unnatural so I just carefully dragged my eyebrow pencil from the bottom including the top area of my brows but this time I make it lighter on the upper part since we are filling them in later & we will just let the eyebrow powder do its job there; the only thing we like to achieve about shaping our brows is to make it faster to define which part to fill in.

After shaping both of my brows, I started filling them in first with the eyebrow pencil to blend it with the shape we did a while ago.

After blending it in, I carefully brushed my brows to spread the color naturally.

And then I started filling in my brows with the eyebrow powder. I use two colors (dark brown and brown) to match it with my medium skin tone. I made all my way up to my satisfaction and brushed it off again to remove excess and let it blend naturally with my brows’ hair.

When I’m done filling it, it’s inevitable that there are uneven lines and unwanted strokes of pencils all over your brows so I always clean it using concealer and concealer brush. I just follow the path of my finished brows and slowly blend it with another tiny eyeshadow brush to keep the concealer blended with the rest of my skin tone.

When everything is completely down and satisfactory, I finish it up with a clear eyebrow gel to tame back the brows make it look sleek.

Blending the remaining concealer later on.


**I also did a simple makeup look to match my finished eyebrow look.Cebu beauty blogger

Cebu beauty blog

STAY TUNED! I will be posting another tutorial on how to achieve this rosy pink glow look ♥


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