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How I Spent My Valentines Day

Happy Hearts Day y’all! I celebrated my Valentines at the office for the whole day. Just an ordinary working hour for me but still I still felt the Valentine vibes seeing this parade of adorable cupcakes outside the office and oh, I got one for me as well.

Valentines day

After my shift, Chad went early and waited for me outside and we went to R&J Jewelry located in Ramos St., to pay for my class ring. After the paying process and all, we then went to Ayala to meet my sister since she has no date for today. Haha, so sad.

The very first thing we did at Ayala is to buy this cute little tumbler I found recently at Yoyoso and I really wanted to purchase it so I told Chad we should get back there to get it and finally I did! And then we went inside Watsons just right beside the Yoyoso to let my sister buy her personal needs. And then we headed to random boutiques from Bench, Penshoppe up to the Under Armour to look for a pair of knee sack for Chad’s father but seems like we can’t find any at these stores. Until we finally found at H&M so the search is over when we got there. Chad bought the 3 pairs since they have no one pair available.

After the very exhausting stroll around the mall, we decided to grab dinner already. We also have the hard time looking for a not-so-crowded resto inside the mall but seems everybody’s flocking anywhere! And I was disappointed when we are about to take-out Takoyaki at this Japanese resto “Sachi” located in the Fourth Floor, The Terraces but these guys are playing like they didn’t see anyone in front of them! Didn’t even bother glancing us when we are waiting for them to notice us. I lose my appetite and craving about the Takoyaki and we went down and look for a vacant resto and we found Pancake House. Since I already tried several of their menus here last Christmas, I also recommended them to try it here.

Valentines day

We went inside and made our order. We both ordered the same menu with Chad which is the Pancake House Specials Set B which has delicious mix of specialties of the house: Taco, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and garlic bread, Special Salisbury Steak and Iced Tea.

Pancake house ayala

My sister ordered the Chocolate Marble Pancakes and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

Pancake house ayala

Pancake house ayala

It honestly took a very long time serving our orders and when it was ready, the steak was switched into chicken so we had it altered again and waited for another couple of minutes. But I like how the staffs are approachable and pleasing despite the pressure of the many people come and go in the resto.

Thoughts about the food:
* I love the spaghetti. The pasta is not overcooked and the meat sauce is beyond my expectation. There’s legit “meat” in the meat sauce, really!
* I kinda don’t like the steak. I was really expecting for something…
* Chad doesn’t like Taco but I ate mine. My first time trying it but it’s not bad at all.
* I tasted my sister’s Choco Marble and it was beyond perfect! Not too bland, not too salty, and the syrup blends nicely with the soft creamy pancake. Will definitely coming here again for the third time for this one!
* Garlic bread: as always, the best! They should make it two the next time, LOL!

After that very long awaited food devour it was worth it since I spent it with the people who matter to me the most and that’s the essence of Valentines Day. You don’t need to be “in a relationship” to feel intimately inlove, though I am in a relationship, being with your family and friends is priceless. It’s the memories and laughters shared that counts.

Lastly, we then headed home safely. 🙂

Share the love, ALWAYS! ♥

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Address: Second Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Phone Number: 032-2327-824


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