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I Am Finally Graduating!

Time flies so fast. I could still remember the very first day I hopped into our university with my high school friends to enter the entrance exam. I was very nervous and afraid, contemplating how do I start this here? How is it to be in college? How do people deal with it here? I have lots of things in my mind, circulating… mixed emotions. New friends. New mentors. New environment. It’s like starting all over again.

I, fortunately, passed the entrance exam so I got the chance to get back and had my requirements for the enrollment get done.
It was really stressful. I am such an introvert back in those days where I don’t really socialize with other people around me, I just don’t. Until someone came by and I am happy to found somebody whom I could talk to on my first month at school.

I started getting used to my blockmates months after. I finally came out of my comfort zone and started to mingle with other people. It was kind of fun actually. You have those times of laughter and anxiety during break time and quizzes. College is really bringing you mental breakdowns, but I am lucky enough to belong to a flock of friends who always stood up for me and guided me all throughout the years.

I couldn’t believe I am already writing this piece right now like I could still remember the day I had my uniform done in a tailor shop. I had to adjust to my different time schedules every semester and of course get yourself prepared for new professors. I always have my black shoes changed once every 3-4 months since I often break it. Careless me.

Now, on my final phase in college. I contributed my 1800 hours on a certain company and will be soon finished in the first week of April. I couldn’t believe I am almost done! I could still remember myself going through different companies sending resumes hoping to get hired, and I finally found my destination. Being in the real world of industry pressured me, that I should act like I am also apart of them. But luckily at the end, I am alive and I survived!

I am really thankful to the people who helped me in my worst times. To the people who encouraged me to do my best. To the people who always bring me tears of joy on my lonely days. To the people whom I just met on my on-the-job training and already been a part of the friend’s list. To the people who inspired me to go reach my dreams. To the people who kept bringing me down but in the end I rose up. This is all for you. The fruit of my labor. The start of my journey.

I am thankful for all the positive and negative things I have encountered in my 4 years in college. Although there are a lot of people changed, the only thing that matters to me are the ones who stayed. College has never been easy and never will be. But hard times can always be surpassed with friends, who became part of who you are right now. They teach you bad and good but above all, it’s you who’s going to balance what’s right and what’s wrong. Challenges are your barriers. But at the end, you will always be thankful for these barriers, for they mold you and altered you to become a better person.

Now that my journey in college is almost over, my learnings and experiences will always be with me on my next chapter of adventures in life, where all things start to get serious. Graduating is not yet the end, it’s just the start of something new, something real.

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