Café Invasion: J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Me and Chad just went to J.CO Donuts and Coffees after a half day of spending my entire afternoon at school complying for my school requirements. We headed at Ayala Terraces at around 5pm.

We ordered 3 delightful donuts: Alcapone, Carousel and Crunchy-crunchy paired with our delectable and my favorite cup of Caramel Jcocinno, while Chad had his first White Choco Espresso. Ofcourse, J.CO never fails to give away some free glazzies so expected, we had two glazed donuts that afternoon.

And oh! We stayed inside for about two hours just talking about random stuffs.

The ambiance is more of a rustic place and there are cozy seats near the glass windows and every corners. Though there are flock of people going in and out they are responsible enough to minimize their voices when they chat. Some are just having paper works and doing computer stuffs while I am just sitting and enjoying my coffee and donuts.

Stressed face.

J.CO has lots of adorable donut designs available on their pantry. I swear it really takes time to finalize a single choice of donut.

I’ll keep on coming back here at J.CO for their espresso and iced coffees. And ofcourse their delectable donuts! They never fail my expectations and satisfaction. This is the best place to just chill and relax.

As of now I am starting to take over few coffee shops in Cebu and near my workplace. It feels exciting and at the same time adventurous to experience every other coffee shops specialties.

If you have suggestions comment it down below. I will try to invade those cafes soon.


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