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Monday is Pamper Day at Kevlo Skin Clinic

I finally got time to visit Kevlo Skin Clinic after a month of stress and lots of graduation requirements to be fulfilled on time. This is my second time around at Kevlo Skin Clinic – Panagdait Branch and the first treatment done on me was the Acne Cure Treatment which I personally like since after a month of treatment and ”tiis-ganda”, I saw an improvement on my skin especially on my pimples. The only thing I am battling right now are the tiny zits and the acne scars. I didn’t get lots of big bumps later which is a good thing for me but the redness on my spots are still there.

I went to Kevlo Skin Clinic around 4pm and waited for about half an hour since there were other customers pending.

It’s my turn already and the treatment I got is their Signature Facial. I’ve been seeing lots of customers availing this service which made me wanna try it for myself this time.

The process was just the same with the Acne Cure it’s just that I am not treated with the iCure instead my face was washed, steamed, my pimples were pricked (most painful part) and lastly an acne mask was topped and left for about 15 minutes. I was surprised how dirty my face is. The therapist had a long time pricking my pimples unlike on my first treatment.

After the whole session, a back, neck and head massage was always performed by the therapist which is one of my favorite part of the treatment! Adds relaxation to the muscles.

A cream was topped to finished the treatment and I was advised not to wash it off for 6-8 hours to retain its effectiveness.



• Their staffs are always cheerful, accommodating and friendly. They really talk to you during the session to get rid of boredom.

• The staffs also adjust to the pressure of the massage and session and ask the customer if he/she is comfortable with it.

• The staffs handled me (for the second time) very carefully and politely. They always let you know what process are they currently doing to get you informed.


• I am very much satisfied with the treatment since I already noticed a big difference a month after I went for a treatment. So I had to visit back and maintain it starting now.


• I totally love how affordable their services are plus they have this P100 off every Mondays on their Panagdait and Talamban branch, also they have other promos and discounts too. You totally pay for the excellence of their service, no wonder their clinic has already been recognized and multi-awarded.

• They also sell products which are affordable and effective. Not overpriced. That’s what makes this clinic unique and now has been a go-to skin clinic by almost all of the Cebuanos including me, hehe.


• I’ve never been to their other branches but their Panagdait branch has a very minimal and rustic interior. And they play smooth and modern background music all the time. The treatment area is always clean and organized as well. What can I say more?

Kevlo skin clinic
Interior Walls
Kevlo skin clinic
Treatment Area


It was an excellent experience for me. They provide great service and treatment throughout my 3 months of being on their skin clinic. My go-to clinic, always and always. I also give tip all the time to my assigned therapist as a thanksgiving and appreciation for a well-handled, satisfying service.


Kevlo skin clinic
As of December 31, 2017 (I still didn’t have a treatment at this time. Those pimples were very big and fussy in personal I swear!)


As of March 21, 2018 (Those spots you see are my acne scars and the bigger ones are my fussy pimples which was recently extracted by my therapist and is currently drying up and healing.)
As of March 23, 2018 (My face has completely cleared up. I got no more acne zits and large bumps. The spots you see were all just pimple marks dried up and already healed. Never been this confident again with my skin.)
As of March 25, 2018 (My skin looks glowy and those spots are not really obvious and massive anymore. Happy with my skin lately!)

Thank you Kevlo Skin Clinic for taking good care of me. ❤️

Kevlo skin clinic

Contact Kevlo Skin Clinic for bookings:
2nd level of Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug St., Panagdait, Cebu
+639 338 541 347

2nd level of Orange Building, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Talamban Cebu
+639 167 940 456

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