Pamper Session at Kevlo Skin Clinic

I know you’ve been wondering where I am for this past month. I rarely post cosmetic reviews and products since I am horribly experiencing massive pimple breakouts all over my face and it’s not very overwhelming to witness, nor share to everyone on my blog.

Lately, I am very much desperate to treat and recover from my acne as fast as possible. Last January, I tried this mainstream natural home remedies such as DIY toners and masks made from Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with Honey and Lemon. Though the morning after putting these kinds of stuff on my face, my pimples are showing a few improvements and some zits are dried up but later that night, another pimple is popping out on the other areas of my face which is very annoying!

I guess I already tried everything with “anti-acne” on its labels from the facial wash, toners, masks, cleansers up to the over-the-counter pills and prescription-must medicines but still there are no positive results. My breakouts started after I had various skincare products and cosmetics applied on my face once in a while without cleansing my face properly plus the stress and not getting enough sleep.

Just last week, January 29, I finally decided to give it a try at a skin clinic. It took me honestly a week to pick which is which among the skin clinics I’ve searched near me and compared their services and reviews among each other and at last I had my final pick to Kevlo Skin Clinic.

Kevlo Skin Clinic has 3 physical branches: F. Cabahug Street in Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City; right across the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus and the newest one at SM City Cebu. I preferred what’s nearer my work area so I could just immediately go there after my shift and I chose the one’s at Panagdait.

Before I get there, I already booked a service for 5:30 and the attendant was pleasant enough to take my reservation. I got there almost 5:20 due to the heavy traffic.

The moment I got inside, the very first thing you will witness is the interior of the place – rustic and minimalist; more on white and gold colors. So pleasant to the eyes after the long way travel and unfamiliarity of the place I’ve passed by while heading there.

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I was asked to fill up a form since I am a first time customer. After filling up, I was introduced to my very accommodating staff, Jolly. I had their Acne Cure Treatment for P350 (the original price is P450 but since it’s Monday I was able to avail their discount).

After that, I was asked to wear off my shoes and hop into the slippers provided for me and I was led to my room. The place is not that lit so you could really tell you are on peace and relaxed on your stay.

The session started off by cleaning my face. Jolly thoroughly cleansed my face with a damp cloth and gave my face a light relaxing massage. Then she put gel-like cleanser to get rid of the makeup on my face.

Afterwhile, she put the scrub and lightly circulated it all over the face. She said it’s for the skin to get ready for the treatment. She has very soft and lightweight hands so I am very much feeling safe with the procedure. After that, she put this facial mask on and leave it for about 10 minutes.

I really look creepy here. LOL!

When she already peeled it off, I was given a steaming procedure to open up my pores. I forgot the step by step methods but I remember that she has this vacuum tool that sips the remaining zits on my face.

After all the introductory processes, it’s time for the most painful part; PRICKING! I was legit nervous that time that she might go hardcore with the pricking so I told her before she starts that make it slow. Haha! And fortunately, she did! I like how she mildly pricked my active bumps and speaks softly and gently. I felt 7 out of 10 pain during the procedure. Since I only got few bigger acne the pricking was done approximately 15 minutes and she cleaned my face again and had this cooling tool that circulates all over my face; this is to close the pores back.

Thank God I’m still alive after the process. The final part of the treatment is coating my face with the Acne Cure for three times, once every 15 minutes so I had to lay back their for about an hour.

After the three coats, Jolly gave me a back massage which is a very relaxing sideline. And I’m done!

I proceeded to the counter for my payment and paid P350 for the treatment but to maintain everything I purchased their Facial Set for P950 which includes a repair cream (used for flaking/peeling of the face), clarifying lotion, pink toner, collagen cream with SPF 70, ultimate night cream and ultimate whitening soap.

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I immediately went home and my very first impression after the treatment was my skin is so soft, supple and glowy! Never had this feeling before, lol!

My first week using the products is legit painful and self-esteem lowering. I had breakouts, redness, scars and peeling on my face. So I had to retouch with the repair cream and moisturizer time by time. The soap is stingy after washed and when you apply the Collagen Cream and Toner (daytime use) and Night Cream + Clarifying Lotion (nighttime use), it really stings alot! I am really tearing that it feels like somebody’s sticking hundreds of needles on my pores. God!

My second week, which is the week that I am writing this is I noticed that my face is getting oily and shiny all the time. Though the peeling is already light, the scars are starting to turn very little yet there are still pimples/breakouts on my cheek. How my skin feels? It still feels soft compared to my normal untreated face before which feels rocky and rough mostly on my forehead are due to acne bumps.

I am still working on the treatment and looking forward to achieve that clear, glowy skin I’ve been dreaming off. I will also be back 4-5 weeks after at Kevlo Skin Clinic for the treatment follow up and maintenance.

Kodus to the Panagdait Branch staffs for the friendly, smiling and accommodating staffs, especially to Jolly for making my first facial treatment a good and memorable one. 🙂






My left cheek only got scars and little zits.

Do I recommend Kevlo Skin Clinic?
* Yes, ofcourse! They have cheaper services but the experience and treatment is the best. Staffs are well-trained too.
What services would you like to recommend aside from the Acne Cure Treatment?
* If you just want to pamper your skin from a stressful day out, try their Kevlo Signature Facial. Almost all their customers availed for this service.
Is it worth the money?
* Yes! So far, I’ve seen lots of improvements on my skin the week after using their products and the service is great!

Contact Kevlo Skin Clinic for bookings:
2nd level of Bonifacio District, F. Cabahug St., Panagdait, Cebu
+639 338 541 347

2nd level of Orange Building, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Talamban Cebu
+639 167 940 456


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