Resto Takeover: KKD + STK BBQ

Yesterday we went to this famous STK BBQ near Plaza Independencia, KKD STK BBQ . From the very entrance of the place, staffs are welcoming you with their warmest greetings. We proceeded to their upper floor just like what one of the staffs instructed because they will be the one to take your order while you are already in you seats.

We were accommodated by a very cheerful and lively staff with our orders. We chose Sisig and Green Mango with Bagoong for our “Abri Gana” or appetizers. And on our main course, I chose Buttered Garlic Shrimp and Chad’s choice is his all-time favorite “Atay” or Pig’s Liver and “Sinugbang Pork Belly” or the grilled pork belly. For our drinks, we chose a Lemon Ice Tea Pitcher.

kkd stk bbq

For our desserts, we have the Fresh Fruit Salad which consists of scooped watermelons, oranges, mangoes, white coconut strips, bananas and white vanilla ice cream topped with cherry.

Now let’s talk about how do all of those tastes and did it pass our “food craving standards.”

  • Green Mango with Bagoong – I can’t say no to this. This is my fave comfort food and I was amazed it’s available on their menu! The mango is a lil bit sour which is perfectly paired with the bagoong or anchovies. Rate: 5/5
  • Sisig: Though I like it, Chad can only judge anything but sisig flavors. He is really into it and it’s his all time fave. It’s to salty for him despite it has already lemon and egg on top. Rate: 3/5 (by Chad’s command; The Sisig Master)
  • Grilled Pork Belly: Delicious! The meat is soft and well-grilled. Nice presentation of the food. And the sauce is superb! Rate: 4/5
  • Grilled Liver: Chad was the only one who ate this menu and so far he liked it! Rate: 5/5
  • Buttered Garlic Shrimp: I WAS SHOCKED AND AMAZED! They have really large shrimps! I was stuffed by just nibbling all of it alone! You can really taste the butter and the garlic from the inside of the shrimp and the sauce was incredibly delicious! Nuff said. Rate: 5/5
  • Lemon Ice Tea: My first sip was like…. AAAAAH!!! Srsly!? This is the first ever lemon iced tea I’ve ever drinked that tastes this goooood! Every sip from my glass I was like “My goodness this is so great!” Such a very refreshing drink! Perfect! Rate: 5/5
  • Fresh Fruit Salad: All the fruits are fresh and delicious except for the mangoes that tastes sour. I bet they’re still unripe but overall it’s delightful! Rate: 4/5

I really recommend KKD STK BBQ to everyone! You can see the viewpoint of the sea from the inside of the resto.

kkd stk bbq

The place is exceptional with it’s rustic style wall arts and furnitures. Great for families, friends and loved ones with two floors to accommodate huge amount of customers.

kkd stk bbq

My experience here in KKD STK  BBQ was great and reached beyond my expectations. Recommendable for everyone who are into Filipino cuisine and vibes. Inexpensive menus and accommodating staffs. Looking forward for my next food trip here.

KKD STK+ BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

M. C. Briones Street, San Roque, Cebu City

Opening Hours
Monday-Thursday & Sunday (10AM – 10PM) | Friday & Saturday (10AM – 12MN)

Do you have other STK resto suggestions? I would love to hear it from you. Kindly comment it down below.



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