Celebrating Mini Reunion: KOA Treehouse

We spent our Christmas Reunion with my college friends at KOA Treehouse. I was about to reserve a table for 7 of us but unfortunately, 4 of us were the only ones who luckily spared time for the mini get-together.

Since we went there on weekend, they don’t allow reservations so I decided to get there before their opening hours so we could list our names earlier. (Guide for first-time diners: There’s this blackboard hanging right beside the entrance of the resto where you are going to list your name and the number of people with you. Once they are open a staff will call your name and count if you are already complete with your company; if you wrote 6 on the board you should get inside completely, if not, you are not allowed to get in.)

My friend’s name was already called so we went inside and look for a table. When we are already settled with our seats, me and my friend paid on the cashier to get our food served and ready and so we can start self-serving on their buffet.

As I’ve said it’s weekend so they have this weekend-exclusive only menu: Shrimp and Crabs priced at P300/head plus the buffet (I forgot the other dishes, I can only recall the ones that I picked: Carbonara, Seaweed or “Guso”, Meatballs, Fried Chicken Wings, Soup, and Sisig).

koa treehouse

koa treehouse

While enjoying your food, a live band is present to serenade and set your mood.

* The only dish that I liked a lot is their spicy shrimp. Me and my friend asked for another set and just ate it alone with no rice, to get rid of getting stuffed easily. Though the shrimp is quite small, the juice and meat were perfect.

koa treehouse
* The place is a bit dim and rustic. It’s like you are inside a coffee house.
* The other dishes are bland and tastes nothing special and remarkable. I like my food to taste good that I could still taste it in my mouth when I think of it but the shrimp was the only thing that stands out.
* Is my P300 worth it? Yes. I enjoyed the shrimp; though I am not really into crabs but my company still liked it. And they have variety of food to choose from plus, bottomless iced tea!
* Will I recommend KOA Treehouse? – Yes! It’s an affordable buffet with lots of food to choose from plus the experience and ambiance was great. Better bring a squad when you get here.

koa treehouse
Address: The River Gate Complex, Cebu City, Cebu
Hours: Closes soon: 2PM ⋅ Reopens 6:30PM
Phone: (032) 318 4853KOA Tree House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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