Random Food Rambling: Luto-luto sa Kogi-Q

I was supposed to be on my way home when my sister asked me to go with her and her boyfriend at Kogi-Q located in SM Cebu. I was about to hesitate but deep inside I also like to try this trendy kind of buffet in Cebu, since I am seeing alot of people on social media getting hyped with this “personal grilling restaurant” where you are the one who cooks your own food on a smoke-free grill.

When we get there, there were honestly a lot of perks sitting by table mostly are students. We found a seat and started going one by one in the pantry area where you are freely picking the raw ingredients for your dish. I am not fund of these Korean terms and words but I chose the “samgyeopsal” or pork belly, marinated pork and shrimp. My sister picked her choices as well.



And right after, we already started grilling. It was fun because you could do whatever you want with the meat, you like it raw or medium raw or eventually burnt? It’s all your choice!



* Samgyeopsal is yummy! Though it tastes plain but I like it when I was the one who manage to cook it and when I dipped it on the soy sauce, it all tastes better.
* Grilled shrimp is not my thing. I liked it stir-fried or buttered. So, my hype about their huge shrimps was from 100 to 0 real quick. The shrimp is just bland and doesn’t taste good. Maybe because it’s not seasoned before grilled.
* The place is crowded. Expect that. People who dine here are almost by groups or families. So better bring a whole lot of company.
* Will I recommend this? – Uhm, no. P399 for me is a bit pricey and I only ate almost the pork belly and marinated pork out of all the menu. And they only got around 8-10 choices of dishes, meaning it’s limited. Your P399 deserves better and bigger choices of menu.


Address: 114 J Luna Ave Ext, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Phone: (032) 412 3357

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