Where To Eat: All You Can Eat at KPub BBQ

My craving for Korean dishes has finally been granted today at KPub BBQ located at the 2nd Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

Me and Chad went here around 7 pm and surprisingly the place was not yet that crowded but it was really loud since there’s this live band going on in the stage. You can’t really talk inside with a minimal tone since all you can hear are the music and musicians singing along.

The moment we came in, we were assisted to our table which is good for two. The staff quickly introduced their menu and told us that we are eligible to refill for the meat anytime we want but we should make sure to finish the left ones inorder to get another one. We came up with their Eat All You Can for P499/person which includes Beef Sukiyaki, Pork Belly, Korean Style Bacon, Marinated Pork Belly, Pork Chop & Chicken and all sorts of side dishes.

Since this menu doesn’t include the drinks, we ordered the Iced Tea Pitcher which costs P195 good for 5 servings.

The side dishes and raw meat arrived respectively. They were quick enough to serve and assist us in setting up the stove and grilling the meat as well.



You know me. When it comes with food, you know I don’t have definite dislikes. I always find a taste that satisfies me well. They serve good amount of meat, side dishes and soup. I love all the marinated meat especially their chicken. Also their kimchi is really great! Chad also loved the spring rolls. I would also like to appreciate them for voluntarily changing the grill when it’s already full with burnt meat sticking on the rails.

Side Dishes
Spring rolls
Kpub bbq
Marinated Chicken and Pork Chop
House Salad
Marinated Chicken


If you are into disco lights & dim interior this place is for you. The whole place is actually really wide. It could accommodate bigger number of guests. They also have comfy seats and wide tables. Although as I have said, the place is really loud especially when there’s a live band going on, you will really enjoy it with yourself on the other hand.


They are really good in customer service. Very attentive and approachable. That’s why I am telling you already about their service fee of P106.00. Pricey isn’t it? But I don’t mind at all. They were all giving justice to how much it costs for them to serve us so why not? At the end I would still be leaving a tip.


It was an enthusiastic, fun way of having a dinner with some live music on the background. It never gets boring you know. And also I would love to appreciate this restaurant for serving us smoothly and quickly. KPub BBQ may sound high-end and classy but when in fact it’s the most affordable eat-all-you-can Korean restaurant in Cebu with excellent service and food preparations; money-guarantee that you will not surely regret.

Kpub bbq


Address: Second Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park

Call: 032-410-7590

Cuisine: Korean

Type: Casual Dining

Average Cost: 900 for two people (approx. without alcohol)

130 for a pint of beer (approx.)
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