Massive Quadruple Celebration at Lantaw Native Restaurant

After my most awaited judgement day, “Graduation Day”, we headed to Lantaw located at South Road Properties just distance away from SM Seaside Cebu not just to celebrate my Graduation but also my Grandfather’s birthday, my sister and her boyfriend’s monthsary and again my sister’s post-birthday celebration. The ceremony finished around 12 in the noon so we were all feeling the hunger since all the restaurants near Waterfront Hotel where the ceremony was held are expected to be really crowded and jampacked. My mother decided that we just spend our lunch at Lantaw SRP. It was honestly far from our current location but everything was all worth it when we arrived.

The place was undeniably amazing, aside from that the restaurant was not just only facing the ocean, the sea breeze also awaits you when you’re already having your seats.

We finally found a vacant and larger seat to fit the four of us so we started picking our orders. They have a majority of seafood choices and Pinoy “lutong-bahay” delicacies which excites me the most since I am really into seafood and Filipino cuisines.

It took around half an hour to serve everything we ordered since I am thinking that their menu is “cook to order” and also there were really lots of dining customers waiting to get their orders served as well.

I chose the Grilled Pork Belly (P195.00) since this is my all-time favorite Filipino dish.

Lantaw Native Restaurant

THOUGHTS: There’s no doubt that I liked it. I love how it’s soft, juicy and cooked just right on point.

We also had the Lechon Kawali. (P250.00)

Lantaw Native Restaurant

THOUGHTS: It’s crispy. Although I kind off looking for a tastier one, this is ideal for a family and also my sister liked it (since it’s her order soooo.)

Next, we got is the Spicy Baked Scallops. (P170.00)

Lantaw Native Restaurant

THOUGHTS: Although this is an appetizer we considered this one as part of our main course. It was spicy and juicy and tasty. I am not into scallops so I can’t really differentiate this one to my other scallops encounter but since the rest of my family enjoyed this dish I rate this high.

Next, is the Calamares. (P250.00)

Lantaw Native Restaurant

THOUGHTS: This was also supposed to be an appetizer but we still ate it together with our main course. I also kind of not satisfied with its crispiness and taste but my sister and mom liked it so let them judge the other way around.

Next, we got is the Squid Adobo (P250.00).

Lantaw Native Restaurant

THOUGHTS: I seriously loved it, as far as I could remember, it is my first time to try an adobong pusit since all I had is the lutong-bahay pusit recipe and it was surprisingly delicious. The squid is also tender and juicy is a double thumbs up!

And to our final dish, the Mango with Bagoong. (P70.00)

Lantaw NAtive Restaurant

THOUGHTS: The mango was very sour and the “bagoong” was not really that tasty for me. I am a self-proclaimed “Mangga + Hipon” lover so I already have that standard taste of the bagoong but this one doesn’t meet with my expectation and also I can’t bear how sour the mango is. I thought it was between sweet and sour.

We had the Garlic Rice Platter (Large) for P160.00 which was the one recommended by the staff since he said it’s good for 4 pax. but since we were all enjoying the food the serving for the platter was not enough so we had to order another platter and for our drinks, we had the Iced Tea (Bottomless) for P75.oo.


Food – They have undeniable delicious and fancy seafood dishes to choose from. I was also having a hard time choosing which is which since I am almost eager to devour each of the dishes in the menu. But all in all, it was a worth your money for the food’s taste, servings and presentations.

Rate: 4/5

Ambience – The place was beyond comfortable, wide and neat. It’s like you were having a picnic in the seashore since you could feel the refreshing cool breeze direct from the ocean. And also, I would like to recognize how neat their comfort rooms are. Thumbs up for that.

Rate: 5/5

Service & Staffs – We’re completely disappointed how slow the service is ’cause we still need to follow up our orders most of the time and also we made a follow up order which is the Halo-Halo but ended up the staff who took care of our orders didn’t include it on the system so we waited for it and when we asked for it for the last time they told us it was not on the system. We don’t want to wait another minute for just a single dessert so we decided to pay our bill already and went home.

Rate: 2/5

Overall Experience – I’ve been really wanting to try and experience Lantaw and I am very much overwhelmed I came here not just by myself but with my family. We spent a really good and fun time together and of course with some delectable delicacies. Will definitely get back sooner and most of all recommend this to my friends and relatives.

Rate: 4/5Lantaw Native Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Address: Il Corso, SRP (South Road Properties), Cebu City

Opening Hours: Weekdays (11AM – 11PM) | Weekends (6AM – 10PM)

Phone Number: +63 9433631862


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