Sneak In To My Makeup Purse

So honestly, I really don’t go out without my eyebrows and eyelashes on fleek. People say it’s not necessary to wear makeup the whole time but puhleeeease… it’s just our own way of expressing confidence and boosting our self-esteem for other people to witness it. We all deserve to feel beautiful on our own ways, right?

Whether I already have makeup on my face before I went out of the house, I always say to it they’re intact and all cosmetic fangirls can all relate with “retouching”.

Here I am showing you what’s inside my go-to makeup kit which I always bring at work or whenever I am not in the house (friend sleepovers or visiting hometown).

This is my Laura Mercier pouch, I’ve been using this since second year college. What I like about it is it’s spacious and handy. It perfectly sits inside my bag and I could fit all of my beauty essentials.


So you are all wondering what’s inside my makeup bag? 🙂

We’ll start it on my Primer!

I use my Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser to prime my face and especially my brow areas. What I like about this it’s gentle and doesn’t have strong smell. It glides perfectly onto my face making my skin moisturized and soft.

Next is I draw lines on my brows using the Maybelline Masterbrow Cream Pens.

I have two shades in here. The grayish one is what I use when I just want to achieve a very natural look that matches my eyebrows and hair color. While the brown one is what I use when I go for a fleeky and precise looking brows which I usually wear when I’m at the office.

After lining and defining the shape I desired for my brows I garb my favorite Maybelline Fashion Brow Eyebrow Powder. It comes with three shades (Dark brown, brown, light brown)

I mix the dark brown with the brown to fill my brows starting from my brow arch up to my brow tail.

I brush my hair brows to tame and even the powder I filled in using my Features&Shades Brow/Mascara Brush.

And to perfectly flaunt my on-fleek brows I clean them with my Everbilena Eyeshadow Brush (above) and using my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade of Medium Moyen to conceal unwanted spots and hairs on my brow bone.

I don’t use this tools all the time but when I do maybe only once a week when I feel like the hairs on my brows are growing unwantedly. My eyebrow razor is from Everbilena an I forgot where I got the scissor. I already have this with me for years already! 😀

And to keep my eyes alive I never ever skip my eyelash routine.

I use my Maybelline Hypercurl VolumExpress Mascara on the upper and lower part of my lashes. I don’t usually use the clear one form Fashion21 but I still have it with me, incase.

After gliding the mascara I curl them with my Nichido Eyelash Curler.

Although I have this lil fella with me, I don’t use this everyday because I’m always into casual and “no make-up” makeup look. And by the way this is the best eyeliner I’ve got for a very reasonable price. This is the MiniGood Matte Eyeliner which I got from my MiniGood Mini Haul (featured on my previous blog | click this link -

And when I’m all set and good with the results I finally tame my hair on the brows to keep it from falling out of place using my Nichido Clear Eyebrow Gel.

I then put my all time fave and go-to foundation, Maybelline AllinOne Clear Smooth Two-way Cake in the shade Honey (I forgot to take a photo with it, apologies) and slowly tap and blend it to my face.

To finish the look I use my lip balm to moisturize my lips all day using my Chapstick Skin Protectant balm.

And finish it with my Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick which I apply on my cheek to make me look fresh and younger. 😛

Here’s my final and natural makeup look I came up.  Comment your thoughts. 😉

And before I get off and head to work kindly visit Ivy’s blog that’s filled with wanders in food and travel – |

Thanks for reading and may your eyeliners always be even 😉



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