Behold The Holy Makeup Remover

After a long day spent infront of the computer monitor, my face starts to oil up and greases alot since I have combination skin (from dry to oily). But thank God there’s always the best way to remove everything on my face after getting home. No need to rub my eyelashes and brows with water on the sink. All I need is my favorite makeup remover which is Maybelline Micellar Water.


Although it hurts me alot to wipe my fleeked brows which I spent half an hour to shape and fill but… yeah! Let’s call it a day, baby browsies. I got to sleep and you need to get off my face already huhuhu.

This Micellar Water I bought from Robinsons Fuente here in Cebu costs me P199 (i don’t know if it’s on sale but when I purchased it, that was the price stated on my receipt). It’s big enough for the price so I grabbed it.

What I personally love about it is compared to ordinary makeup remover, it not just wiped your makeup but also cleanses, washes and moisturizes your face for it is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) The role of a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one! Bam!

But you guys, this process is just an effortless one. You only need cotton pad/s and slowly pour minimal amount of Micellar Water on it and carefully wipe it off starting on your brows. And then grab another cotton pad/s for your eye area (I wipe my eyelashes for wearing mascaras) and slowly tap the pad on your eyes (closed) for about 5 seconds and swipe it right to get all of the mascaras sticked on your lashes. Then another pad for my lips and just repeat the process for your overall face to get all of the foundation and powders. Once your done, it’s really a moisturizing and cooling feeling! You can now put all your nightime skincare products like moisturizers and night cream and tadaaaa, you’re ready for bed.

There are lot’s of other brands you should give a try like  from Garnier (P149)  and Simple (P499). It all depends on your choice, budget and skin type.

#BEAUTYTIP: Do this routine everytime before you sleep to get rid of breakouts and impurities. Makeups clogged on your face causes pimples or acnes and we are all grossing out of it plus our skin needs to relax and breathe from all of the beauty products we damp onto our face almost everyday.

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