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What To Shop At Minigood?

I was just randomly watching Youtube vlogs and then came up with this Cebuana Youtuber who reviewed her experience in MINIGOOD and I was curious about the shop so me and Chad planned to go there the day after.

Since we’re not yet familiar in V.Rama we decided to have a ride on UBER going there. The place has its landmark which is the 168 Hypermart and its located just beside the mart. It took us around 10 minutes going there and it’s kind of raining outside so we immediately went inside the shop.


Upon entering I know I was already excited! There were lots of cute stuffs and they all costs just below 300. Chad bought that puzzle toy for his brother and it costs P99 only with a very nice packaging and a set of headband and hairclips that costs P99 as well for his little sister. I found lots of stuffs already that I really wanted to purchase but afraid I might went home broke already hahaha!

And ofcourse I also did a mini haul. Do you wanted to know the stuffs I bought? Here are they:

* Adhesive Hooks

* Eyelash Adhesive Glue

* Green Tea Cleansing Foam

* Spongebob Ref Towel

* Nail Cuticle Cutter

* Nail Polish Remover

* Eyeliner (and I’m currently inlove with it!)

All of these stuffs only costs me P530. I was expecting it to give me a total of 700 but it’s not. Such a big save!

I will soon definitely get back here and do alot more of stuffs to be hauled! I consider this a pocket-friendly shop and lots of finds to grab for.

PS: It’s located in 1010 V. Rama Avenue Cebu City (Right beside the 168 Hypermart)

MINIGOOD CEBU FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/minigood888/

Enjoy shopping!


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