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The Secret to Silky Soft Hair

This has been honestly my second bottle of this Relaxing Serum from Moringa-O. You guys, brutally honest, I’ve never been this satisfied with a certain hair product ever and this one really gave that first impression lasting and so, I got my second bottle!


This tiny little bottle (55ml) lasted for like 2 months on my regular daily use. I apply it after taking shower while my hair is still wet and manageable. I squeeze a liberal amount twice and lather it from the topmost area of my hair going through the ends.


I honestly don’t repurchase products after using them or emptying them because some left me unsatisfied with the results or otherwise I am not impressed with how it works. But this one got me coming back for more! Here are the reasons why:

1. I love how it smells good. I really thought it would smell like herbs or something related with that but it’s very way far from that. The smell lasts for the whole day especially when I am only staying on an airconditioned office and not exposing my hair too much to sunlight and sweat.

2. When you really thought a bottle that contains 55ml of the product would only last you for 3 weeks; you’re absolutely wrong. I got this last January as far as I could remember and finished the whole product lately this last week of March. Aside that it goes a very long way, it’s very affordable for P199.75 (Watsons) only plus it’s very handy! Ideal for travelling and go to touch ups (if needed).

3. It contains Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E that when applied to skin, eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin and when applied externally, it boosts cell production while promoting healthy skin and hair. I must admit how hassle it is to have this very thick hair but sooner we’ve got used to it. I also noticed that my hair started falling out and split ends are all over the tips of my hair. That thought scares me that my thick hair would turn me into a bald one so this serum helped me grow them back again in a healthier way.



My hair always feel so soft all day long when I apply this on my daily morning hair routine. Though I could still see my wavy strands but when I compare it to my hair without the Moringa-O Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum, it’s 101% frizzy and dull, especially after getting off that roller coaster ride on a jeepney early in the morning, you can’t be look like a haggard first thing in the morning, right? Girls?

Moringa-O Herbal Hair Relaxing Serum is also ideal for people struggling with their thin, lousy hair as it helps grow healthier hair and provides nutrients at the same time.

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