November Favorites

I recently listed my November favorites and stuff I’ve been loving a lot for this month from my haircare up to my office look accessories. These are the things that I can’t live without bringing with me at work.

Let’s start with my hair care.

I have here my favorite Palmolive Hydra Balance Shampoo. I love how it smells good on my hair and it leaves them smooth and bouncy! This is way too huge so I think it goes a very long way for me since I have short hair and it doesn’t consume a lot amount of the product.

Second is my all time favorite lotion from Myra Vitawhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. I love that it doesn’t feel sticky on my skin all day long and it has SPF15 at the same time which I always been looking for when searching for body lotion since sometimes I stay under the sun and that helps me get rid of harmful UV rays in some way.

Third, is my holy grail eyebrow and eyelash thickener. I already have this with me since January but since I am so lazy to apply this every time before I go to sleep, it’s not surprising to see this that it still looks 3/4 of the bottle. I used this for 2 months around January and February and I stopped since I noticed that my hairs on my brows are already starting to grow longer as well as my eyelashes. Honestly, guys, you should start using Castor Oil if you want natural looking brows and if you are on a very tight budget and doesn’t have plans to visit some aesthetic clinics to have some brow tattoos on. What I do is I only apply this to my brows and lashes every night because it feels sticky and it might spread everywhere around your forehead. #TIP: I put a liberal amount of Castor Oil on my acne zits and leave it overnight and surprisingly when I wake up, I noticed that my pimples are drying up!november favorites

Fourth is my favorite Cake Foundation from Maybelline. I’ve already mentioned this earlier on my previous blog how I really much love this product and how it perfectly compliments with my combination skin. I am in the shade of Honey since I have a fair complexion. I surprisingly have 3 empties with this product! Finally, I got to settle with one foundation over the years of switching from random brands and powders.

Fifth is my favorite lippie from Maybelline. This is their Powder Matte Collection and I am in the shade of Touch of Nude (featured this product on my BEAUTYMNL Purchase) and I love how it feels very light on the lips and the same time looks natural on the lips. It feels like I am not wearing lipstick at all!

I also have my second option here if I wanna look simply edgy on my look, I use my Features and Shades Luscious Lipstick in the shade Matte Twig. This feels light as well and doesn’t patch on my lips. Creamy and vibrant.

Seventh, I have here my favorite go-to and easy to apply mascara from Maybelline. This is very quick to work on and doesn’t smudge all day long. I got 2 empties on this and I am very well satisfied with this product. Perfect for your everyday natural and light makeup look.

Eight of my November favorites is this Brow/Mascara brush from Features and Shades. This is very handy and easy to work on too plus, I had it at a very affordable cost. I bought this for P100 and it gave me justice at that expense.

Lastly, ninth of my faves is this cream pen from Maybelline. I’ve been using it a lot since my hair on my brows are already growing back, what I do is I just fill my brows in to make it look natural. I always bring this with me too.

And that’s a wrap of my November favorites! We’ll see if I got new fave ones this December. Gotta watch out with that guys!


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