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Conquering Osmeña Peak The Second Time Around

The first time I went to Osmeña Peak was very way far from my expectation. We went there early in the morning around 5 AM and it was raining so hard from the moment we started driving from the house until we reached the starting point of Osmeña Peak. Though we didn’t experience the wonderful view from the top because everything was all covered by huge fogs and it was raining so hard which worsens the fogs and urged us to go down already since the pathway was getting more slippery, it will be difficult for us to get down.

This time, I am back at Osmeña Peak together with my sister and her boyfriend, and sadly, Chad can’t go because he has a summer class. Good thing the weather is with us. This adventure has 2 more other destinations which are the Strawberry Farm and the Sunflower Garden both located near the Osmeña Peak. We already grabbed the chance of visiting those places since we’re already nearly there.

We agreed to go first at the Osmeña Peak so we won’t get drained climbing the peak. We arrived around 10 AM and had our brunch at the registration area since we already brought with us our food and drinks.

We then paid the entrance fee (P30/each) right after we ate and rented those guide sticks (P10/each) used to support you while climbing since the trail was slippery they said.

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We started walking following the trail and then there’s this little guy who willingly offered to guide us up there and I was surprised how good his photography skills are. He actually knows how to find a good angle, all my photos were impressive I must say.

It took us almost half an hour before we finally reached the peak since we constantly stopped at random spots to take some photos.

I was upset Chad wasn’t with me that day since I will not have someone to capture me but good thing this kid who guided us knows how.

We took lots of photos facing the peak’s lower view. Your eyes are feasting in green surroundings.

After that breathtaking hike, we finally got to the top and it was all worth it the very moment you could actually witness the wonderful view from the above.

You guys should be more careful on stepping and climbing up these rocks because you may accidentally stumbled down and hurt.

I finally witnessed the wonderful peak from the top and seas facing the mountains. All the sweat and effort paid off.

We then headed down the peak to proceed to our next destination just kilometers away from the Osmeña Peak, the Sergio’s Strawberry Farm.


• Bring with you your own vehicles or exclusive habal-habal drivers (best advice is a motorcycle since the road up there is kind of steep and rocky and sometimes slippery when it rains) – we hired two drivers from our place so we only need to pay for the transportation expense all in one and we don’t need to look for another driver again and again every destination we go.

• Always bring with you your own food and water to keep you full and hydrated while on the trip, especially when you travel under the heat of the sun.

• Wear comfortable clothes to lessen the sweat on your body and to keep you comfy and sneakers to make it easier for your feet to grip on the rocks on the trail.

• You don’t have to hire a guide going up the hill since there will always be mountaineers on track so all you need is to follow them but if you are in desperate need of someone to exclusively guide you there, then go for it. I hired a guide to capture photos for me.

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