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Product Review: A Bonne Milk Lotion and Salt Scrub

I went to Metro Ayala today to purchase these A Bonne Products I’ve been hearing from vloggers and bloggers and random people talking about its wonderful miracle onto your skin most especially on the armpit areas. *talking about purchasing, when I was about to pay at the counter I was able to see Korean girls purchasing this Salt Scrub product as well. Guess what, I now have the hint of their skincare routine, eh?! hehe. *

Out of pure curiosity and eagerness to try this mainstream whitening product, I spend and took risk of my P99.00 for a big bottle of salt scrub. I have been hearing a lot of random blogs and positive reviews about this product which made me buy this product with no further hesitations. This is the A Bonne Spa Milk Salt. I tried this earlier this morning and I swear this really smells good! I have been applying and rubbing this onto my underarm area for about 2 minutes and after rinsing I could really feel how nourished and soft my armpits are! Although it feels stingy after scrubbing which is a normal thing on body scrubs or any type of facial scrubs, it really feels good and very soothing to the feeling.

I really thought it would cost me P150 and above for this 380 ml bottle. A little goes a long way for this product, plus it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin.

a bonne

Next, that I had is this A Bonne Milk Power Lightening Lotion Plus Collagen. My first impression about this product is it doesn’t smell nice but when  I applied it on my skin just right after taking a morning shower, it smells like milk or something like vanilla which I really loved. I swear I love lotions with mild scents and doesn’t smell too sweet. After lightly rubbing it all over my arms and legs, I felt that my skin is very smooth and moisturize, aside from making my skin smell so good.

It only cost me around P150 for this 300 ml bottle and a little goes a long way. What I also like about this product is it doesn’t feel sticky and heavy on the skin.

Let’s see if it does really work for my skin or if this compliments with my uneven skin tone. Will post further updates by the end of the month about how these products worked for me.


Leslie ♥


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