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Product Review: EPILIN Hair Remover Wax and Strips

Being conscious of my underarm routine, I started to think of getting rid of shaving and plucking my armpit for good. Aside from damaging my skin on this continuous habit, it also makes my underarm appear darker and doesn’t match my skin tone anymore.

I randomly went to Watsons Ayala today and bought these products from EPILIN.

What I have first is this EPILIN Wax Hair Remover. I was really confused on what to purchase because everything that’s been displayed there claims to be the best wax for hair removal. But what made me buy this one is it already comes with this small steel pan in which I am able to heat the wax without transferring the product and I don’t have to look for another container to place it after it’s heated. Second is this EPILIN Waxing Strips which comes with 12 strips already.

The product comes with a wooden spatula and a paper for full instructions on how to use and apply the wax.

After reading the description, I immediately heated the small pan and when the wax started to melt, I quickly released it from the fire. *do not overheat the wax, see the details on the instruction paper when you purchase*

It looks like this when it melts:

While the wax is still soft and if you feel it’s not hot anymore, grab your wooden spatula and apply minimal amount onto your underarms, focusing on the hairy area. And then get 1 sheet of EPILIN Wax Strip *cut it into two for thrifty purposes for both your underarms* and carefully put in on the top of the armpit area you just spread your wax at. And quickly pull the strip opposite ways of your hair growth.

It really feels painful I swear to God but totally worth it! Time-saving than plucking and very quick to do.

*WARNING: Gross photo coming your way*

EWWWW! That’s a lot of hair! *this is the first strip I got and God, it almost ripped all of my underarm hair!*

After doing this in both of your underarms, be sure to wipe the area with a warm towel to get rid of the excess wax. Redness is normal, don’t get panic.

My underarm feels so smooth although the swelling is there, I felt guilt-free from plucking and shaving! *Journey to my underarm care routine starts here! Yes!*

Thanks for reading!


Leslie ♥



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