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Chelsea & Co: Random Shoe-searching

Around 5 in the afternoon, me and Chad went to Starbucks (Cebu Business Park) to meet an online seller where I ordered several cheap items from. Afterwards, we decided to get inside Ayala to look and try on some shoes that might somehow caught my eye. I never found any good picks at the Metro Ayala Department Store so when I thought of getting outside I saw this boutique, Chelsea & Co, which displays alot of amazing flat shoes and pointed heels.

There were lots of elegant choices to choose from. Can’t even decide which to fit first.


I am specifically looking for a flat shoe since my other one got broken already and I just kept using open footwears everyday. I saw this matte light green one that has an adorable ribbon on top of it.

Isn’t it cute?

Well, honestly this really doesn’t perfectly fits to my “37 sized” feet. I felt sad when I ask the staff if they still have another size for it but unfortunately it was their last one already. But I never gave it up! Thank goodness I remembered that I have my shoe insoles at home that I always use on my other sneakers. Gosh! And that time I was hyped enough to finally purchase it.

And how about Chad’s thoughts? Yes he liked it too as much as I do.

After fitting and trying to walk with it, although it slips on my feet (guaranteed it could still fit me when the shoe pad is already in there) I went straight to the cashier because it’s already 9 pm and they are about to close as well.

Very much excited to wear this babies! Girls, I know you can relate with my hype and excitement raging inside of me right now.

PS: Chelsea & Co. and Finickee are sister companies/brand-related so if you happen to see items from Finickee displayed on shoes areas or stalls in a department store, stop the doubt, it comes from a good quality of shoes and you guys should give it a fit.

Heading home with a smile! Yay! 

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”



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