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Raining Strawberries at Sergio’s Farm

Sergio’s Strawberry Farm has been one of our destination lists for our Dalaguete Escapade today. Aside that it’s going to be my first time to witness a real strawberry farm, it will also be the first time I am finally picking and seeing a bunch of fresh strawberries.

Sergio’s Strawberry Farm is located in Maloray, Dalaguete. This is too far from the Kandungaw Peak starting point.

sergio strawberry farm

Me, my sister and her boyfriend walked downhill and passed by lots of vegetable farms. The pathway is very sloped especially on rainy days it gets really wet and slippery so better wear sneakers and watch your steps.

We reached the very entrance of the farm and we paid P50 for the entrance fee and was advised to NOT handpick the strawberries all by yourself. They already have handpicked packs available in their canteen so if you are interested in trying the strawberries, better buy from their packed ones.

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

The farm was quite wide and neat.

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

Sergio's Strawberry FarmSergio's Strawberry Farm

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

We were only allowed to get inside in a one designated greenhouse where strawberries were already grown and lovely to look at.

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

After feasting our eyes with the strawberries, we headed to their canteen where they offer sort of refreshments such as shakes & ice candies, radish waffles and pickles and whole lot more but unfortunately their strawberry shake isn’t available when we were about to avail it so all we had is a packed strawberry for P200.00 (1/4 kilo).

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

It was really sweet and delicious. You could really tell it’s fresh!

Sergio's Strawberry Farm

We stayed for awhile just enjoying our strawberries and feasting our eyes with the beauty of the place. Such a therapy to the eyes.

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Right after that we headed back uphill but my sister craves for some fresh buko juice so we stopped by at this little “barong-barong” that offers refreshments and bukos. One whole buko costs P20.00 only. So refreshing and affordable.

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We then continuously hiked back to went home. We brought home some strawberries we recently bought so my parents could try them too.


  • Get yourselves your own habal-habal/motorcycle driver. Advantage if you already got your own vehicles but it’s recommended for you to ride on a motorcycle since the passage there was rocky and not really wide enough for two lanes. (We had two drivers that we rented for almost half the day since we also went to Osmena Peak. It would be great to offer your drivers their lunch or snacks to keep their boredom away while waiting for you.)
  • Wear comfortable clothing since it will be very hot and you’ll definitely get sweaty. No need to worry about the humidity, it’s very windy up there and you will never feel intense warmth while hiking.
  • Bring with you your water to keep you hydrated especially when hiking and travelling under the heavy heat of the sun.
  • Wear sneakers to help your feet easily grip on slippery and rocky pathways. Always watch your steps.
  • There are kids asking you if you need guides when you reach the starting point from the highway but you don’t really need that, just follow the trail and townspeople are always willing to answer directions if you need to.

It was a great experience! Finally achieved one of my summer bucketlists! Cheers to more travels and hikes!

Sergio's Farm


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