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Simala Church: First Solemn Visit to the Miraculous Mary’s Shine

Today I asked permission that I will be absent for work since me, mom and my sister are going to Simala Church. We met at the bus terminal around 7 but I was really starving-to-death I asked Mom to buy me some coffee and donuts. We we’re a lil bit hurry because we’re after the busses standing by the terminal so quickly ordered from Dunkin Donuts bunch of different flavoured donuts.

We headed to the waiting area but since there are no lots of passengers, we we’re called to enter the next available bus for departure. We seated on the very front. While the bus is still standing by, we had our quick bite of the donuts and sip of coffee and afterwards the bus driver yelled that it’s ready to go.

simala church

I was really excited!! I just realized me and mom are gonna be experiencing our very first time in Simala Church! My sister already went there so she shared her experiences and what to do there if it’s your first while. She told me once you are in the church, make a wish… a kind of wish that is possible to happen. I was feeling nervous! I truly believe on 11:11 wishes and things like that, prayers and beliefs… yes I do. I was once granted with an “11:11 wish” before and sadly it didn’t last… Maybe I did break a rule after my wish was granted or maybe because I just took everything for granted..

We finally arrived at Sibonga and rode a tricycle to get us to Simala Church. And were here!!

We strolled around and took photos. Although the clouds look sad but we felt the solemn vibes and positivity inside.

We continued walking towards the church..

and from there you can see the overall view of the whole place.

Mom looking so fab here… as always I meant! 😉

We entered in the church and kneeled. I asked God for my mistakes to be forgiven and talked to him my prayers and stories I’ve been through all this time.

I prayed solemnly. And afterwhile, I took a photo of how beautiful the inside is. No words.

We were just looking around…

This is where people leave their proofs that all their wishes and prayers are granted. It’s very inspiring how these people didn’t lose hope on getting well from being sick and handicapped and disabled.

People wishing for their success finally got their fruit of labor, mostly college students who are taking board exams and internships.

We decided to enter inside to see Mama Mary but before that we are asked to take off our footwear.

We finally went inside to witness the shrine of the Miraculous Mama Mary. The line was long but its all worth it. Once I was there infront of the Miraculous Mama Mary Shrine, I kneel down. I prayed all the things I wished to be granted. I asked for forgiveness for the mistakes I made and I told myself to get better once that “WISH” will be granted.

People are coming here to see Her andnd ask for prayers and offer flowers and donations despite how long the line is. Thousands of wishes are already granted by Her that’s why devotees are encouraged to visit Her.

Once again we kneeled and prayed….

Just right after we were told to proceed to the exit if we are already done. There are lots of statue’s of the Holy Saints coming from different countries and places displayed inside a glass surrounded by flowers.

We are outside the church already..

It was a wonderful feeling when I get there. We bought a souvenir, mom bought a keychain and bracelet for me and my sister and for her as well. We took alot of photos and walked around until we get to the exit.

And so we we’re feeling hungry that we decided to eat lunch before we get back home so we dropped by at an eatery just near the exit and the menu are delicious for a very affordable price. We ordered Pansit, Linat-ang Baboy, Menudo, Rice and Softdrinks and everything was only P149!

We we’re so stuffed heading to the tricycle parking. We rode on a tricycle heading to the van terminal and when we get there we immediately went inside the van and afterwards it’s ready to depart going to the city…

My experience in Simala Church was memorable and I had lots of memories cameras couldn’t take… Hope  I could come back again. Definitely if one of my wishes will be granted, I will be personally thanking Mama Mary and for everything she gave to me right now, I am beyond thankful 🙂

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