Delicious & On-The-Go Meals: Son-Gohan Onigirazu Donburi

Me and Chad were already heading home when I just really decided to just drop-by at Ayala to order our lunch slash dinner in one seating. Imagine myself starving to death for we went to school and went all over the whole campus for my graduation requirements and ended the day at a stressful commotion happening at LBC. But then again at the end, we finally finished everything that day. Since the road is really on heavy traffic, I booked an order at Honestbee and looked for the best on-the-go meal and we stumbled upon Son-Gohan Onigirazu Donburi’s menu.

The order arrived before the time expected and we were still at Ayala so we decided to eat it out at the food court and ordered some drinks to quench out our thirst.

These are what we have for our meal:

Chicken Karaage
Son-gohan onigirazu donburi
Gyusando & Miso Shogayaki
Gyusando (This is how Chad ate it!)
Cebu food blog
Miso Shogayaki


• The first one I tasted is the Miso Shogayaki and it was really good. The flavor is on point and you could really tell its unique taste. It’s my first time to try this and my impression about it was good. Chad liked it as well.

• The Gyusando was eaten all by Chad; no wonder it has burger patty in the inside that’s why he had it all for himself. Delicious!

• The Miso Shogayaki was packed with all-things-veggies! Yummy and healthy isn’t it? I really enjoyed eating it aside that I had it for the first time, I could really tell how flavorful it is! There’s a lot of things going on in my mouth! Surprising!

• Lastly, the best of them all, the Karaage. I proclaim myself obsessed with all foods containing chicken on it, how much more this one?! I love that the chicken is not overcooked and it is still crunchy and flavorful not just on the outside but mostly on the inside. This is to die for!

• Although it was a little bit pricey, the amount you paid and what you’ve eaten gave justice to it. I swear! They have big servings and I am surprised as well.

It was honestly my first time to order at Honestbee & ofcourse at Son-Gohan and this restaurant never failed my satisfaction and cravings. I had a lot of burps that night! Woooo! Can’t get enough!

Try the rest of their sophisticated and delicious dishes if you are on-the-go or just craving for some extraordinary bites.

You could also find them at their Facebook page at Son-Gohan Onigirazu Donburi or contact them for online deliveries. You can find them at Foodpanda & Honestbee.


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