Resto Takeover: Wasted Chef

Chad’s birthday is one week away and I am busy scheduling and searching for the best resto that fits our P500 budget and I came up with Wasted Chef which is located just near the Ayala, Cebu (Gorordo Avenue, Kamputhaw, Cebu City to be specific). An eat-all-you-can menu that costs P250/person consists of Shawarma, Spaghetti (Italian or Filipino Style), Burger and Pizza and comes with unlimited ice tea and shrimp already!!

For first timers to be guided, once you are about to go inside (Wasted Chef) there are two men asking you to pay first and proceed to their pantry and pick any of the 4 menus available. Once you are on the spaghetti pantry area, you are asked to choose either an Italian sauce or Spaghetti. We (me and Chad) both picked each of the flavors. Afterwards, a guy handed us a pot of  shrimps which can be refilled once the container is empty.

After getting all our desired menus we headed up and seated in the corner part facing the busy highway. But despite the noisy vehicles outside, my attention got focused on the lovely mouthwatering shrimps infront me. I had my first bite although its tiny it, tastes good for me. And then I had my pizza, burger and shawarma respectively. Chad had his own business as well.

I honestly don’t like their burger and shawarma. The patty just tastes all the same and the bun used for the burger was the shawarma pita!? Srsly though! It was my first time encountering that but still I loved the pizza (I had my refill for it twice).

Chad just doesn’t like shawarma at all… even on Turks (my all-time fave shawarma) so we all know already where his piece of it goes! At the side of the wooden serving plate, maybe? He liked the pizza alot and the burger too so he ate my burger since I just didn’t get a bite with it.

I enjoyed peeling and nibbling my pot of shrimp all alone since Chad is allergy with any kinds of seafoods except for the fish.

I was also expecting for their Filipino-style spaghetti to taste like traditional Filipino birthday spaghettis but its kinda salty and there’s no Filipino vibe I found with every pasta I swirled on my fork. Kinda dissapointed…

My overall experience here in Wasted Chef is good although I was a little bit dissapointed about some of their menus still I had a good time with the birthday boy and a dash of food blessings around! Music is modern, I can dance to Young, Dumb and Broke while sucking the shrimp heads.

Place is wide and earthy although it’s very distant from the highway. Food is great and the shrimp is delicious. Affordable budget-friendly dine-out place for sumo eaters! You guys should not miss this.Wasted Chef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Gorordo Avenue, Kamputhaw, Cebu City

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday (6PM – 12MN)


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