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What To Find At WEDO Shop?

So yesterday I went to Robinsons at Talamban Time Square to shop some of my food groceries and needs and bought something for my dinner when I suddenly came up with this shop just located at the 2nd floor of the mall. It’s WEDO Shop!

I really thought it was a Japanese shop and the items are really cute and affordable. Almost all of them are worth P99-P199 from pillows, perfumes, household garments, towels and slippers. I thought of buying some cute items and make-up brushes but it’s not on my plan so I might spend “alot” money for things I don’t need at the moment. But what really got my attention is this really cute stand-alone mirror. It’s really convincing for me because I was already searching for mirrors with stand (in a very affordable cost) and this what I found in WEDO Shop is a holyyyyy graiiiiil!! Guess how much is it? It’s only P119 compared to some other mirrors that I saw on department stores which costs P150 above yet small and has no stand with it.

Overall the staff is nice and accommodating and the place is not crowded. I’m glad the staff is not ozy like other salesladies on malls following you around, it’s kinda uncomfortable right?!

I would recommend you guys to try it here and do your hauls because I swear you will love this shop (if you are into Daiso or Miniso as well). Although the place is small, you could still find random cute stuffs.

 I came home and placed this lovely mirror on my tiny messy makeup desk (I apologize I wasn’t organizing them at that time) and I was happy I bought it! Tadaaaaaaaaa!

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