Hunting For The Best Caesar Salad in Cebu

Today we went to Shakey’s to grab some pizza for dinner since Chad was really craving for this since yesterday but sadly we went for a lechon rather.

The staff cheerfully greeted us and offered a comfortable seat near the entryway & handed us the menu book.

Shakey’s pizzas were not new to me since I already tried almost all of their pizza flavors but above all, Hawaiian always find its special place in my heart so we ordered the Large size for P389 and a pitcher of House Blend Iced Tea for P250 but since we have a supercard this only costs P499 all in all.

Shakey’s pizza

As I was scrolling at their menu book, I found their Soups & Salads and came up with the Caesar Salad. I personally wanted to try this one yesterday at a certain fastfood chain as well but the place we planned to go to was very busy and jampacked so we had to abort the mission.

The salad came first so I had to eat ’em while waiting for our pizza.

Caesar Salad (P180)

Isn’t it so lovely!?

Honestly. This was the best (by far) Caesar Salad I’ve ever tried. The lettuce looked and tasted so fresh and I love it doesn’t have too much mayo on it. Did I mentioned the bacon bits sprinkled all over those fresh lettuce? Dang it was so good I am out of words!

Shakey’s just informed us about their latest 40% discount every Mondays until last week of April so I am very much excited to get back here again and try the rest of their salads. I still couldn’t get over how good their Caesar Salad is, I even finished it 5 minutes before our pizza arrived. Bet I was too hungry that time, lol.

I would be recommending Shakey’s Pizza Parlor for their excellent service and good food. I am very much satisfied and finally decided to be back here not just for the pizzas but to give it again for their best of the best Caesar salad, finally found the home of the best salads in town! Yay!

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